Large format ceramic decal print service

Large format transfer printing service

As a global leading manufacturer of ceramic toner, we can rely on our extensive expertise in ceramic printing systems. We offer a wide range of customised solutions, such as large format ceramic decal printing. Thanks to this innovative ceramic printing system with multiple colour units, we can print your artwork for large format ceramic surfaces from a minimum quantity of 1 to over 1,000.

Besides our colour gamut and flexible production setup, this equipment features an impressive output volume of 250 square metres per hour!

mz Toner ceramic prints are suitable for applications on various substrates: Glass panes, lava stone, vitreous enamel plates or ceramic slabs. Our decals can easily decorate curved surfaces or irregular-shaped materials, such as construction glass or profiled glass, where flexibility is mandatory. In order to achieve the perfect finish, it is also possible to apply our ceramic decals over the edges of thick lava stones or extruded hollow core slabs.

These properties enable you to customize a wide range of architectural materials. Suitable for vitreous enamel tourism signs, ceramic slabs, lava stone countertops or architectural cladding panels. Ceramic decorated surfaces are UV-stable and scratch resistant. Even deliberate vandalism by graffiti, for example, can be removed without leaving any residue. The fired ceramic decoration underneath will not be damaged, not even by solvents. Use the digital printing technology of mz Toner Technologies for your designs on glass, enamelled metal, ceramic or other fired substrate.

Facts about our large format ceramic decal print service

Application areas of large format ceramic decals

⋅ Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
⋅ Substrate material: glass, ceramic, lava stone or enamelled metal

Advantages of large-format ceramic decals

⋅ 90 cm width
⋅ virtually infinite length (print on roll)
⋅ 600 dpi resolution
⋅ colour gamut: our in-house ceramic toner production enables us to produce many different colours. We can therefore use a true ceramic red.
⋅ production volume: 250 sqm per hour

We will be happy to assist you with any questions regarding the application or production of large format ceramic decals. Contact us to receive a customized offer.

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