Large format ceramic decal print service

As a global leading manufacturer of ceramic toner, we can rely on our extensive expertise in ceramic printing systems and offer a wide range of customised solutions.

Thanks to the new multicolour laser ceramic decal printer, entirely developed and manufactured by mz Toner Technologies GmbH & Co.KG, we can now produce high quality ceramic decals in large format.


Application areas of large format ceramic decals:

⋅ Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
⋅ Substrate material: glass, ceramic or enamelled metal

Advantages of large-format ceramic decals:

⋅ 90 cm width
⋅ virtually infinite length (print on roll)
⋅ 600 dpi resolution
⋅ colour gamut: our in-house ceramic toner production enables us to produce many different colours. We can therefore use a true ceramic red.
⋅ production volume: 250 sqm per hour

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